Lots of Dots

I love the shape of a circle and I use it over and over in my design projects. I find comfort in the round edges and the idea that there is no beginning or end (very Zen!). Whether it’s a print on a fabric or wallpaper, the rounds in an art piece, or accessories, I can’t think of a dot I’ve ever met that I didn’t like!

Art by Damien Hirsht

A few examples of my dot obsession:

Egg prints.
A bowl full of interesting accessories.
Dishes on display.
The medallion shape on this great pillow fabric.
Right now I’m working on selecting a fabric for a glamorous bedroom marrying rich black lacquer with luxurious metallic grays. You guessed it! A beautiful fabric with dots is what I think will do the trick. It’s hard to decide; they are all so beautiful in their different scales!

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