Loving Lucite

Spring is a great season to visit local tag sales since your neighbors are likely doing their spring-cleaning like the rest of us! Some of my favorite accessories and furniture pieces have been from tag sales and flea markets-from the Patti Johnston Designs headquarters in Long Island, New York, to antique markets in Paris!

Recently I found two incredible Lucite items at local shops. The first is this unique men’s valet. Unless a suit and accessories are draped on it, it almost disappears into the background.
Lucite Valet
It’s clean lines and practicality makes it perfect in a guest room. It’s a modern, welcoming piece that allows guests to make themselves—and their clothes—comfortable!
Lucite Valet, dressed
This interesting table base was also a local find. When I first saw it, I knew I had to have it but wasn’t sure how I’d use it! I considered putting it’s two pieces front to back, instead of as a round, to use as a console, but the result was a bit too modern for my home-and I couldn’t part with this find! Instead I positioned them back to back, had a piece of glass cut, and swapped out my traditional mahogany kitchen table for this great, fresh new table.
Kitchen Table 
If you’re inspired to add the look of Lucite to your home, you might try your luck on an upcoming Spring Saturday. You might also consider this contemporary acrylic coffee table from Crate and Barrel. It would disappear in a small space but would by no means be transparent! It’s great shape and functionality would make it a great piece in any room!

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