Packing a Punch . . . in the Powder Room!

My powder room, photo by Liz Glasgow
A guest bathroom or powder room present a great opportunity to really have some design fun. In a master bath that you’ll use day in and day out, you won’t want to take any big color risks that you’ll soon tire of. But for a guest bathroom, you can afford to be playful. 
I like a powder room to feel like a dramatic piece of jewelry, especially if it’s only used for guests. I choose beautiful jewel tones in paint or paper that I wouldn’t use anywhere else to make this small room feel unexpected and rich, elegant and special. A unique black-lacquered cabinet and interesting art adds to the drama of a powder room. 
And no jewel box would be complete with some sparkle–a jewel-like chandelier on the ceiling, or a really special mirror like this one I chose to complement the rich turquoise paint in my powder room. Special accessories make the room feel like a treasure.

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