Inspiration: Kelly Green

You never know where you will find inspiration for your next design project. Recently, I came across a unique kelly green motorcycle that caught my eye during a morning stroll in the Garden District of New Orleans.

Kelly Green Motorcycle
A motorcycle that served as great color inspiration. 

There are so many creative ways to decorate with this color scheme, for rooms that feel modern and really pop. I love the addition of geometric black and white patterns in the room below.

Kelly Green room
A green and black interior (from

The inspiration took on another dimension when my daughter stepped into the frame. With her blue shirt and bright orange purse, I saw possibilities for bright accent colors.

Kelly green and tangerine orange make a striking combination.

For instance, this kitchen gets a fresh, albeit subtle, spritz of orange from a bowl of fresh fruit. The oranges mix perfectly with the silver and kelly green.

Silver, Orange, and Kelly Green (from

When the orange is increased from accent to an equal half of a room’s color scheme, the result is a very playful and cheerful room, which works well for a playroom or child’s bedroom.

A boy’s room in green and orange (from

Shortly after I snapped the photo of the motorcycle, I was inspired by my daughter’s dog playing at a dog park. His grey and brown coat looked beautiful with the green grass and aqua kiddie pool. You truly never know when you will discover a new color scheme inspiration!

Kelly green grass + a bright blue pool + a grey and brown coat = inspiration for a possible future design color scheme

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