The New York International Gift Fair

One of my favorite events in New York City is the not-to-be-missed bi-annual International Gift Fair, which fills up the Javits Center in midtown Manhattan with plenty of design inspiration. This February I spent two days combing through booth after exciting booth to find treasures for current and future projects. 

This year, the handmade exhibits featured some truly amazing handmade items. My eye was immediately caught by the eye-popping colors of hand-woven throws draped around a small booth. Made with care by South American artisans in Bolivia and Guatemala, the natural alpaca wools were died colors that perfectly fit my signature color palate. 

Carpenter + Company

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Swahili Imports

Other wonderful finds included this versatile contemporary bookcase. A pair would be great in any room! I was particularly drawn to the Greek key cutout design, allowing a sneak peak of the collection showcased on its shelves. 

Adler Radcliffe Etagere

These candy colored pillows literally called to me from across the convention space! The collection is full of bold and bright geometric patterns embroidered or printed on high quality fabrics. Sometimes I’ll base an entire room’s design around a great pillow or bold fabric.This collection of pillows could have inspired many! 

Trina Turk 

I am looking forward to incorporating some of these great items into the Patti Johnston Designs Portfolio. 

Amoxil generic name uk

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